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Simpson Cleaning 95000 Mobile Trailer 3200 2.8 -GPM Cold Water Trailer

Simpson Cleaning 95000 Mobile Trailer 3200 2.8 -GPM Cold Water Trailer

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Introducing the SIMPSON Cleaning 95000 Mobile Trailer 3200 PSI Cold Water Gas Pressure Washer System – your go-to solution for tackling even the toughest cleaning tasks. This powerful, self-contained cleaning machine combines the impeccable performance of top-tier SIMPSON pressure washers with the convenience of a mobile utility trailer, making it an invaluable addition to your arsenal of tools.

Engineered for Excellence
At the heart of this formidable cleaning system lies a robust Honda engine, delivering reliable power and performance that you can count on. With a maximum pressure of 3200 PSI and an impressive flow rate of 2.8 gallons per minute (GPM), this machine effortlessly blasts away dirt, grime, and stubborn stains. It's your answer to restoring surfaces to their pristine state.

Everything You Need, Right at Your Fingertips
The SIMPSON 95000 comes fully equipped with everything you need to get started on your cleaning projects. The package includes a 50-foot long Monster Series 3/8-inch hose, ensuring you have the reach to tackle a wide area without constantly repositioning the trailer. The ergonomic spray gun feels comfortable in your hand, making extended cleaning sessions a breeze. With five Quick-Connect nozzle tips included, you have versatility at your disposal, allowing you to customize the pressure to suit different surfaces and cleaning needs.

Take Your Cleaning On the Go
This mobile system is the ultimate solution for locations where a readily available water supply might be a challenge. It brings the cleaning power to the field, allowing you to tackle your tasks effectively, regardless of the water situation. Whether you're a contract cleaner, mobile detailer, or work for a municipality or resort, the SIMPSON 95000 has you covered. Its trailer is DOT certified as an over-the-road pressure washer system, ensuring that it meets all the necessary safety and quality standards.

Quick and Easy Setup
Setting up your cleaning operation on the job site is incredibly straightforward. Just pull the trailer to your work area, connect the spray gun, start the reliable Honda engine, and you're ready to start cleaning. No need to fuss with complicated setups or spend valuable time trying to get everything in order. The SIMPSON 95000 is designed to make your work more efficient and hassle-free.

Warranty for Peace of Mind
SIMPSON stands behind the quality of their product. The engine is backed by a 3-year limited commercial warranty, giving you peace of mind in its durability and performance. The pump comes with a 5-year limited warranty, and the frame is covered for 1 year. With this level of support, you can invest in the SIMPSON 95000 with confidence, knowing that it will serve you well for years to come.

In summary, the SIMPSON Cleaning 95000 Mobile Trailer 3200 PSI Cold Water Gas Pressure Washer System is a powerhouse in the world of cleaning equipment. With its impressive pressure, portability, and comprehensive package, it's the ideal choice for professional cleaners and anyone looking to tackle demanding cleaning projects. Don't let dirt and grime hold you back – get the SIMPSON 95000 and watch those stubborn stains disappear with ease.

Product information

Power Source Gasoline
Color red and white
Maximum Pressure 3200 Pound per Square Inch
Item Weight 425 Pounds
Hose Length 50 Feet
Specification Met dot certified
Product Dimensions 88"L x 46"W x 46"H
Tank Volume 3.3 Quarts
Maximum Flow Rate 2.8 Gallons Per Minute
Item Weight 425 pounds
Manufacturer SIMPSON
Country of Origin USA

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